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Open-LLDP is the home of lldpad (LLDP Agent Daemon) a GPL licensed implementation of the Link Layer Discovery Protocol for Linux.

lldpad provides a core lldp engine for implementing TLVs currently supporting:

  • LLDP Basic Management TLV set
  • Data Center Bridging Exchange Protocol (DCBX)
  • LLDP-MED (media endpoint discovery)
  • 802.3 LAN interface extensions
  • 802.1 VLAN extensions
  • 802.1AB Organizational Specific TLVs
  • Cisco specific TLVs (OUI 0x000142)
  • draft0 support for Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) - IEEE 802.1Qbg standard is under development
    • Edge Control Protocol (ECP)
    • Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP)

The lldpad package comes with utilities to manage an LLDP interface with support for reading and configuring TLVs. TLVs and interfaces are individual controlled allowing flexible configuration for TX only, RX only, or TX/RX modes per TLV.

lldpad is packaged with many distributions and rpm packages can be installed using distribution tools. lldpad source can be obtained from the Download tab and the latest development tree is available in the git repository

git clone git://


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